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Drive N Style: Interior Services


Interior Services

Our interior reconditioning service significantly improves your vehicle's appearance while extending its life and increasing its value. Drive N Style offers the following interior services:

Before and After Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration

We can repair a variety of damage to your vehicle’s carpet, including stains, cigarette burns, heel pads, odor and discoloration.

Before and After Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

Whether its cuts, cracks, tears, fading, or routine wear, we can restore leather at a fraction of the cost of reupholstering.

Before and After Vinyl Restoration

Vinyl Restoration

Our proprietary repair system can fix worn armrests, cracked dashes or damaged trim piece much faster and at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Before and After Fabric Restoration

Fabric Restoration

We can repair tears, fading, stains and other discolorations to many different types of seat fabrics.

Before and After Trim Restoration

Trim Restoration

We have the technology to fix most wear and tear and scratches on plastic and metal trim.

Before and After Interior Buttons

Interior Buttons

Faded or peeling buttons? We have you covered.

View Our Work

Arm rest before photo
Arm rest after photo
Auto qual before photo
Auto qual after photo
Chair before photo
Chair after photo
Paint repair before photo
Paint repair after photo
Rav4 before photo
Rav4 after photo
Blkhonda before photo
Blkhonda after photo